The Shepparton Albanian Moslem Society are now accepting memberships for the 2016 calendar year, available for Albanians who are 18 years and over.

As a financial member of the Shepparton Albanian Society, your membership will assist our committee to run events and activities, support the running of our mosque, and give you additional discounts and benefits during the year.

For just $75 per adult per year, discounts and benefits of your membership include:

– Voting rights at AGM                                       – Nomination for committee members
– Albanian Islamic Calendar                              – Use of mosque facilities
– Use of committee tables & chairs for your own private functions

– Bajram Parties (entry fee)                                 – Flamur (entry fee)
– Imam marriage service fee ($275 – more than 40% off)

– Engagement                                                   – Islamic counselling
– Funeral prayer/service                                 – Mevlud
– Child naming                                                   – Hospital visitation
– Vije/First birthday prayer                            – Home visitation

Community members who are not paid financial members for the 2016 calendar year will now be required to pay full price entry at events, and incur the following fees for each Imam service:
$500 – Marriage service fee                             $50 per hour- Islamic counselling
$350 – Engagement                                          $50 per hour- Mevlud
$500 – Funeral prayer/service                         $50 per hour- Hospital visitation
$250 – Child naming                                         $50 per hour- Home visitation
$250 – Vije/First birthday prayer

We appreciate your contribution, which enables us to continue to serve our Albanian Australian Muslim community for many more years to come.

To secure your membership, please download  2016 Membership Application Form and return to us (our postal address is on the form).

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.