Here’s your first look at “Australia My Home – An Albanian Migration”.

WATCH the Official Trailer for Australia My Home – An Albanian Migration (2020) : A film depicting the lives of three generations of Albanian migrants to Australia, their significant contribution to their respective communities, and efforts to preserve their heritage.

A story told with sincerity, humour, and melancholy this is an insightful and somewhat moody journey into the lives of one of the many communities shaping modern Australia.

This documentary showcases the experiences of Albanian migrants and their descendants who embody the best qualities their culture has to offer, and through their hard work, loyalty, and tolerance, integrated and excelled in the country they now call home.

Shot in both Australia and Albania, and returning to the birthplace and relatives of those who sailed into the unknown over a century ago, this film also showcases the unique beauty of both countries.

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Directed by Dritan Arbana
Produced by Reg Qemal
Photography: Shane Kavanagh
Music: Fuze & Peppa Marriti Band

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